I Eat A lot

     It’s true. I do. Actually, I think it would be more accurate to say that I eat OFTEN. I heard a theory one time about boosting your metabolism. It goes something like you should eat five small meals per day. rather than three large meals. I say if five is good, than eight must be better, right!?
     For example, today I had oatmeal for breakfast at 6:00 am. Then I proceeded to have an additional two muffins for “second-breakfast.”  That was between 8:00 and 9:00 am. Lunch comes at 11:00 am, and then some fruit around 3:00 pm. My family eats dinner around 5:30 pm. My sweet tooth usually kicks in around 8:00 pm. Judge if you want, but all of this is because I have devoted myself to some goals. These goals help ensure I accomplish through what I eat.
     When we are devoted to a goal or a process, we will reorient our entire lives around that goal or process. The problem comes when we set a goal, but we don’t let that goal actually change our lives. That is, when we often feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and tempted to go back to old ways. Truth is, we never really left those old ways because our lives never really changed.
     What would it look like for us to be fully devoted to God by having a relationship through Jesus Christ? What if we reoriented our lives around Jesus like I do around food? What if we planned to spend time with Jesus the way smokers do with cigarettes? What if we made plans and appointments with God the same way we do the next great movie that is coming out?
     The goal and the process of discipleship is worth it. Devote yourself to one step today, and then tell someone how you are reorienting your life around Jesus.
-In Him
Pastor Tim