Sex in the Bible

Sunday we started a brand new sermon series called, “Sex in the Bible.” This first week we focused on the freedom that marriage provides. In marriage we get to submit to the sexual desire that we have for our spouse which simultaneously reinforces the long-term commitment we have with each other. However, we all know that issues in our marriages are not solved in the bedroom.
So how can our marriages flourish spiritually, sexually, emotionally and otherwise?
FLOURISH Marriage Summit is coming Friday, October 4 th and Saturday, October 5 th at the HFC building. This gathering is for those who are married or considering marriage. It will help you evaluate where your marriage is now, give practical ideas for how to grow in marriage through a biblical perspective, and provide time for you to strategize your next steps as a couple.
You will also get a free copy of the book, Flourish-Growing a Level 5 Marriage, by Larry and Deb Walkemeyer. This book along with video teachings from Larry and Deb will provide the framework for the Summit.
As an added bonus, Pastor Sarah has planned the October Kid’s Night Out for that Friday, October 4th and she will extend that to Saturday morning as well.
Look for more information this Sunday in the bulletin and mark your calendars now so that you can attend the FLOURISH Marriage Summit. God has great things in store for your marriage. Get ready to flourish!
In Him,
Pastor Tim.