Trusting Others

The last article I wrote was about making room for the Lord in our lives. Personally, I shared that there are “good” things that I have not given up to make room what the Lord is really calling me to do. With God’s grace and his Holy Spirit’s guidance and I am aware and am prioritizing things to align with him. All of this ties in so well with the current sermon series “Can I Trust…”.

For myself trusting has not always been easy and is something that I’m still guarded in at times – I like to be in control and have a say in everything, but again with God’s grace and his Holy Spirit’s guidance I’m learning how to trust more and not take things so personally or question.

As we are moving further along in the vision of HFC to multiply and trusting God that he has a plan for us – things may seem out of control because it is something we have not done, something we are not sure of, we may ask what does this mean? who is going?, who is staying? If you have been around me in these conversations before you know that I physically get hot – I feel out of control and have lots of questions. Again with God’s grace and his Holy Spirit’s guidance my feelings are changing and I have peace because I trust in him that he will be glorified through HFC multiplying. Also I’m trusting our pastors, elders, and my HFC family. 

On Saturday, October 28th from 2pm – 4pm is the HFC Vision Conference. This is a time for us to come together and celebrate what God has done over the past year and what we are looking forward to in the coming year. The conference leads up to the Annual Meeting where we will vote on the budget, elders and treasurer positions. You are invited to attend and be part of this discussion so that together we can trust in where the Lord is leading HFC.

Your Sister In Christ,

Naomi J. Dingle

Community Groups and Connections Director