Why Have You Been Standing Here?

Dear Church,

This past Wednesday in Bible study we read the parable of the master and his vineyard found in Matthew 20. The master hires people early in the day, in the middle of the day, and late in the day all to go and harvest the fruit of the vineyard. At the end of the day he then proceeds to pay everyone the same amount. Two interactions jump out at me.
First, the last time the master goes out to hire workers he asks them, “Why have you been standing here all day?” To which they replied, “No one has hired us.” As we move closer to the Equip step of the Vision to Multiply I realized that I am going to be asking you to do some things that you may have never done before. You may be quick to jump on board or you might be reluctant but I want you to know that God wants you on the payroll. I know you may not have been “hired” to do things like this before but God has some harvesting for you to do.
Secondly, the workers that worked all day felt it was unfair to receive the same as those who only worked an hour, but notice the focus of the master. All he was concerned about was harvesting more fruit. He didn’t need the work to be equal. He just wanted as much fruit as possible from the vineyard. So if you are new to the vineyard, don’t compare your fruit to others. Praise God for the opportunity to pick fruit and make disciples. If you have been in the vineyard for years now, remember that the master is the master and he is good. Praise God for the opportunity to pick fruit and make disciples.
In Him,
Pastor Tim