Take Back What Hell Has Stolen

Dear Church,
Recently I started reading a book by Jim Putman called, “Real Life Discipleship.” In that book he identifies four stages of spiritual development.
  1. Infant-moving from death to life by being born again
  2. Child-a believer but is primarily focused on “me”
  3. Young Adult-has experienced spiritual maturity
  4. Parent-helping others to move from death to life to faith to maturity to parenthood
I always thought that discipleship was the process of growing from infancy to maturity through Bible studies, Sunday school and sermons. However, I am now realizing that discipleship is an intentional relationship with someone to help guide that maturity and then send them out to do the same for others.
This understanding of discipleship is where we really get to take back what hell has stolen from us and those we love. My previous understanding left me isolated and unable to show people what I wanted them to see. My current understanding of discipleship means we aren’t going to settle for fake, and we aren’t just going to take care of ourselves. We are going to walk with people by faith into their healing, wholeness, salvation and holiness.
We cannot settle for being a church of spiritual Young Adults. We must press on to be spiritual Parents that go into all the world (neighborhood, workplace, school, etc.) and make disciples. The gates of hell will not be able to overcome us because the power of the name of Jesus is more than enough. This Sunday I will wrap up our sermon series on what this looks like for you. I can’t wait to see you there.
In Him,
Pastor Tim