Thank God, Another Blessing

     “This is not good.” I was with another congregation for a special service, and right from the beginning things looked bad. First, they changed the program and then they added to it. This is not a good sign for getting home before midnight. The group that was added still had to set up before they could start… as we all just sat there and watched. I looked at them. I looked at the clock. I looked at the program. Then it got worse.
     One singer could barely walk with a cane and when he sang he leaned on the back of a chair in front of him. The other singer couldn’t see, so a woman with no shoes led him around to where he needed to stand. The third guy was bopping around, plugging things in, checking his guitar, adjusting the sound-he looked like a one man band. Then finally they started singing.
     So first of all, they could sang (yes, I spelled it right), but it is what they sang that got me. “Thank God, another blessing…” How in the world are a crippled guy, a blind guy, and a musician with no band going to sing about the blessings of God in their lives? It was beautiful though! Most of what made is so beautiful was the obvious limitations they had while they were proclaiming the blessings of God.
     This is exactly what Lamentations 3:24 is talking about, “I say to myself, ‘The Lord is my portion; there for I will wait for him.’” These three men proclaimed truth to themselves and it changed how they lived and the impact they had on others. They found hope in their waiting by speaking truth even when it was difficult to see. Let’s all follow their lead toward hope. It will be a beautiful thing!
In Him,
Pastor Tim
P.S. If you haven’t heard the song before check out this link to the video of the Williams Brothers.