Choose Your Own Ending

I didn’t like reading as a kid but I did like the Choose Your Own Adventure books. However, curiosity would always get the best of me. Instead of just choosing where to go next I would actually read both options and then decide with way to go. Wouldn’t it be awesome if life worked like that?
The reality is that we can’t read ahead but we can make choices now that will lead to a fruitful ending according to the promises of God’s word. This month we are going to look at our relationships, finances, mental health and purpose, and we are going to examine how we can make choices now that will ensure that we end in the blessing and favor of God.
This is a great opportunity to invite others to worship or to share the YouTube and Facebook links to the sermons. Everyone wants their lives to go well but most people feel like life isn’t going well. We have the answer. We have Jesus. We have the way, the truth and the life, so let’s share Jesus and the good news about him to those around us. Love you church!
In Him,
Pastor Tim