Be a True Worshiper

Dear Church,
Worship is so much more than just singing songs. It is a condition of the heart and a state of mind. We can even worship God passionately without singing a single note. Our worship for God is born in our hearts, it fills our thoughts, and it is expressed through our mouths and through our bodies.
The world often thinks of worship as “religion”, which could not be further from the biblical concept of worship. It’s about a personal relationship, spiritual intimacy and passionate expressions of devotion from people who love God with all their hearts. This is true worship.
The Bible says that God is seeking those who worship Him ‘in spirit and in truth’.
I find it interesting that He does not want just anybody to worship Him. He wants true and genuine people. He does not want to be worshiped out of fear, obligation or religion.
True worship is a result of intimacy with God. Worship God today with your WHOLE heart, and be a worshiper in spirit and in truth!
Have a blessed week!