Discipleship or Belief?

Dear Church,
“We need our behavior to align with our belief. This starts in discipleship, described in four major steps as each step leads to the next step.
Step One: Growing – Spending time in the WORD
Step Two: Serving – Getting involved because of the time in the WORD
Step Three: Mentoring – Helping others learn & walking with them through it
Step Four: Replicating – Teaching others to Mentor others”. (Taken from a training on Discipleship by Simone Monroe) This reminds me of something we’ve been discussing in worship… Disciples Making Disciples! As you’ve heard about this over the last year or so you might have understood the plan for disciple making, understanding for maybe the first time the life applications that must take place based off the Christian’s Commission in Matthew 28:16-20. Perhaps you began attending a Learn Group class, or maybe even joined the Equip Discipleship Study! Both are great! But are you practicing Discipleship or Belief? It is not enough to believe in discipleship. You must practice it! It’s not enough to be a disciple; you must teach others how to be a disciple and to make disciples! You see, belief guides our behavior. If we believe, but do not act, we are not really disciple-makers. Just disciples. And that’s great. But Christ didn’t tell us to BE disciples. He said MAKE disciples. Let’s be sure that we are obedient to the calling He has given us as Christians. Let’s be consistent in our belief leading us to action. Let’s be disciple-makers! Many Blessings,
Pastor Sarah