Is Your Vision Compromised?

Dear Church,
On March 7th my uncle passed away. We had family that came from far away to be together. Family I had not seen since I was a little girl so I had no memory of them. Our family had drifted apart and it was easy to because they live so far away. It got me thinking about how we can drift away from our faith. The Israelites would always forget about God; how he rescued them from Egypt, how he kept them safe in the wilderness, how they got to enter the Promise Land. They could never seem to remember the awesome God they had. The new generation didn’t witness the Red Sea split, they didn’t get to eat manna, they only got to hear about the wonderful things of God. They had a premature relationship with God, so they would drift away from the true God. So is our relationship premature? Has it become easy for us to walk our way rather than go God’s way? Has our vision been compromised? If so, we are drifting away and forgetting how Jesus died with purpose to set us free. We should live with purpose to serve Him. Let’s keep a close relationship with God. Put into practice what we learn from Him. I didn’t have a close relationship with my family because of distance. Don’t keep your distance from your Creator who keeps promises; instead wholeheartedly walk towards Him.
Mike and Heather Webb are missionaries that serve as regional coordinators in Africa and they will be sharing with us here on Sunday, April 29th.  Check out this video where Church of God pastors from Africa talk about the importance of coming together in ministry.