New Adventures

Dear Church,
Starting on a new work or life project, such as moving to a new house, or starting a new job, can be exciting for many of us as our life progresses, but sometimes we do not realize the challenges that will come with things like these. We are excited to move, excited to begin work in a new place, but once we’re in the process of moving or in our first work day, the excitement can slowly fade as realization sets in-the house has a leak in the roof, you have tough clients at your new job and things will be harder than you thought. The same can apply for our spiritual lives. Many of us have friends and family who might be new to church, to them and to us being able to worship and share the word of God with them might be our new beginning. As a teenager, God decided he wanted me to commit to him as much more than what I was committing to any other thing in my life. As you can imagine at first, it was something that my teenage self was hesitant about. But little by little I began to give it more and more of time, more of myself, and beginning a personal walk with Christ has led me to a new life that I could have only imagined about. Just as starting moving to that new house or starting that new job can be challenging at the start, the end result of your hard work and all the time you invested will pay off in amazing ways. That house can be your dream home, and that job could be the path to a fulfilling career. There will be difficulties along the way, but at the end the results could be blessings beyond your wildest dreams. There is no need to wait to set New Year’s resolutions each year, instead of waiting, you could start something great here and now.
Pastor David