Continue Straight for Four Miles

Dear Church,

Pretty much every time I drive anywhere I use an App called Waze to give me directions. Just this morning as I was going from my house to the office I used it even though I have been that way numerous times. The main reason I do this is that I’m never sure where there might be an accident, traffic, construction or who knows what else. Things change so much on the roads that it is nice to have some insight on where to go.
You might be feeling this same way about the church staff right now. One week it was announced that Pastor Marcus was stepping away from the Youth Pastor position and then the next week it was announced that Sister Anita was stepping away from the Worship Leader role. It sure would be nice to have some insight on what is coming next, wouldn’t it?
The Elders and I have already had discussions about possible replacements both short term and long term. Sherry Pausky and David Rivera (Iglesia) have both said they would help however they can in leading worship. These are two that are very familiar to our congregation as they have led worship for us many times before. Also, Pastor Marcus has committed himself to staying with the students until a new Youth Pastor is hired. He also has a great team of student and adult leaders that will help provide stability in this time of change. While it is always difficult to estimate how long it might take to hire new staff, conversations have already begun for both positions.
Once I got on 290 this morning the Waze App said, “Continue straight for four miles.” Church, we may have to make a couple of unexpected turns but our destination is still the same. I hear Him telling us, “Continue straight until I give you the next direction.” So as we continue straight let’s all devote ourselves to prayer for Pastor Marcus and Sister Anita, for the hiring process, for the vision to multiply, for ourselves to be disciples who make disciples, and for God to be glorified through it all.
In Him,
Pastor Tim