Are You Stalking Jesus?

I had the opportunity to attend a destination wedding and it was a beautiful experience. I was part of the wedding party and as we were walking down the aisle, I realized that the wedding wasn’t only going to be the invited guests but all the people in the resort were joining us from afar.  At that moment I became very aware that people are staring, and if I make a mistake they will know. I was feeling the pressure of being perfect. Chasing perfection always comes with pressures. Pressure in finding a good job, pressure in making money, pressure in making your parents proud, or even your spouse proud. Pressure in raising your kids right; even pressure in naming that child right. Now we are all stressed and have no rest. Matthew 11:28 says “Come to me all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens and I will give you rest.” Jesus calls all of us who have no rest and promises to bring relief to our souls. We all need rest because one way or another we are always looking to be perfect. As I walked down the aisle I did stumble on my long dress but no one seemed to care. The other bridesmaids stumbled a little too; even the bride did as the sand didn’t make it easy to walk. We were all trying to walk perfectly and in the end we all didn’t. So no matter how much money we make or how our children to turn out to be we can find relief in Jesus. He can take all of that stress away so cast your burdens on to Him. Let’s not just chase Jesus but let’s stalk Him.