What’s Your Next First Step?

This summer my schedule was a bit crazy. So many things just threw my daily routine out the window, and the first thing to go was exercise. But sure enough, the end of summer arrived, the kids went back to school, and I could get back to my routine. A weird thing happened though. I got used to sleeping in a little instead of getting up to exercise. In my mind I wanted to get stronger again but I just got used to this new way of doing things. I needed to figure out how to take that first step… again.
As we have continued to talk about the Vision to Multiply I have seen great progress in so many, but I also know that it can be hard to do these new things over a long period of time. Routines change and life happens, but I still believe that we can bring Lazarus back to life. We all want to be stronger as a church and stronger in our faith. Now we just need to figure out how to take that first step… again.
Maybe your first step is to set an alarm on your phone to write down (journal) something that you have seen God doing in your life or some way that he is challenging you. Maybe you could put the weekly discipleship material on your kitchen table or television as a reminder to read it each week. Maybe you could talk to me or someone else (discipleship coach) about how you are growing as a disciple.
I know you have taken steps to advance the Vision to Multiply and I am so thankful to you and the Lord for the revelation that he is giving to us. Now I wonder if there isn’t another first step we can take—a step that will move us from interest to involvement, a step that will move us from dipping our toe to jumping in. Together God will accomplish the Vision to Multiply through us. Let me know how I can help you take that first step… again.
In Him, Pastor Tim