Pins in Your Map

Dear Church
The map on the wall is full of red and blue pins. Each pin represents a city that has been visited. They represent stories. They are reminders of what happened there, who you were with, and whether you are interested in going back or not.
Throughout our lives we have dropped pins—places we have been that we can look back on. Those pins represents the stories of our lives, the people we were with and lessons on how to live. For many, a pin was dropped with the church but life has pulled them away. That pin might represent wonderful memories of singing songs in the children’s ministry, but for others it might represent a conflict that deeply impacted their family.
This Sunday is Back to Church Sunday and I am encouraging all of you to invite others back to church. Your invitation can be just what they need to return to the pin that God dropped in their lives which represent him and his community. We can help them go back to where God would have them to be—with him. Do not underestimate the power of your invitation because with it goes God’s invitation. So talk to your co-workers, talk to your neighbors, and talk to your family. Let’s help each one get back to where God would have them to be.
In Him, Pastor Tim