Maker Space Mondays

You might have heard by now that I will be ‘officing’ out of Bane Elementary on Mondays this school year, along with Pastor Tim as his schedule permits. This is such a unique opportunity and we are beyond excited about it! They have a flexible teaching space that is free for all teachers to use as they might need; last year they dubbed it ‘the maker space’ as students could turn in their recess tickets to go build or ‘make’ things instead! It is just off the library, which is in the heart of the school. All hallways lead to the library, and therefore this flex space!  I will not be changing that name at all, because it is completely aligned with our purpose in being there. I do not think there is a coincidence that the space has the word ‘maker’ in it. I am aiming to build relationships there in order to make disciples who make disciples.

            We have been looking at how we can better support the Bane Elementary teachers and staff, but I never imagined the opportunity that is now before us. A few months ago Pastor Tim found a video talking about school safety, which I sent to Dr. Marz, the principal, asking if there was a way for us to be around more. I never dreamed she would immediately say yes! We quickly set up a meeting to discuss what this looked like, and “Maker Space Mondays” were born! On the 1st day of school, so many staff members stopped me to say they are so excited to have us on campus and look forward to our relationship growing! I am just as excited, if not more so! I cannot wait to see what God does at Bane Elementary this school year!


Please join us in praying over Maker Space Mondays, the staff, students, and families at Bane! For other ways to support Bane, check out the spotlight table in the lobby!


~Many Blessings

Pastor Sarah