Happy First Day!

What an amazing day yesterday at Bane Elementary for the first day of school!  Houston First Church of God was all over the place.  We greeted students with a high five as they got off the bus.  We helped kids get breakfast before they went to class.  We helped kids find their classrooms.  We helped pre-schoolers get adjusted to school life.  We helped administration get pictures for kids’ ID badges.  We helped direct traffic in the cafeteria at lunch.  We comforted crying kids.  We prayed for administration dealing with a tough situation.  And we rode buses to help make sure that kids got where they were supposed to go.
Houston First Church of God made a huge difference on the first day of school and the teachers, faculty and staff of Bane Elementary were so appreciative.  Maybe you didn’t get to help this time but there are more opportunities coming.  Together we are going to show everyone connected to that school what the practical love of Jesus looks like.  Thank you for influencing the world with the kingdom of God.
In Him,
Pastor Tim