Disciples Making Disciples

Over the Spring/Summer season of Children’s ministry, I found myself in one of the classrooms every week and what a rich season it was! I love spending time with our students; seeing the progress they are making in their understanding of Scripture and in their personal relationship with Christ is truly a blessing!
On Sunday mornings in Sunday School, we have been studying individual discipleship, beginning in the Old Testament. We have been discovering who God is and what that means for us. For example: God is creative, therefore we are creative; God gives, therefore we give; God is loyal, therefore we are loyal. On Wednesday evenings at Bible Kids Club we have been learning about peer discipleship, digging into 1 Thessalonians 5 learning that we are church (‘church’ is a people, not a place), and that Christian fellowship is key to accountability and discipleship. During worship hour on Sundays, we have been adventuring through the New Testament letters and the life of Paul, learning about as-we-go discipleship. The idea that discipleship can happen on a boat, in prison, in a house, on the road, in the middle of a raging storm or a shipwreck, etc. has opened the eyes of the students to the fact that discipleship opportunities are all around us!
One of the students regularly connects whatever topic we are discussing to the phrase ‘Disciples Making Disciples’, pointing out his discovery to his classmates. Making good choices the first time? That’s obedience, and an example to friends of how we should obey authority, which is ‘Disciples Making Disciples’ because it’s an opportunity to discuss how God has changed his heart! Serving in the local body? That’s ‘Disciples Making Disciples’ because working hard in all we do is part of being the church and when others ask us ‘why?’ we have an opportunity for discipleship! Discerning the voice of the Lord and the prompting of the Holy Spirit? That’s part of your relationship with God and growing deeper, and ties into ‘Disciples Making Disciples’ because you can tell your friend why you are doing something the Holy Spirit told you to! This kid is seven. SEVEN!
‘Disciples Making Disciples’ is a phrase this student has heard Pastor Tim say, as well as his teachers; however, this principle has solidified in this mind and heart because of the day to day example that his parents give. His parents are intentionally pouring the truth they are learning in worship and/or learn group into their young son. This is family discipleship. Supporting and resourcing parents who seek to intentionally disciple their children to become disciples who make disciples is my newfound passion. I cannot wait until every student (and parenting unit) in our program has the excitement and hunger that this seven year old has!
This process primarily begins at home; the church secondarily supports, encourages, and trains as a supplement to what is being done daily at home. As students see their parents daily digging into God’s Word and living it out, as they hear their parents regularly speaking of what God is doing in their lives, as they see their parents consistently serving the local body and community, they will begin to develop deep roots in individual, peer, as-we-go, and family discipleship. And the HFC Kids teaching team will be here to cheer the family on and help support them every step of the way.
I am beyond excited to see what God does in this next season, both in the children’s ministry and the church body. As we begin our Fall Semester, I cannot wait to partner with our families as they train up their children to be ‘Disciples Making Disciples’!
Many Blessings,
Pastor Sarah