Did You Forget?

Have you ever forgotten to do something in your to do list? Have you ever forgotten to text your kids, parents or spouse? Or maybe you forgot to buy the ranch dressing for your salad like I did the other day. I am here to remind you that Jesus did not forget about you or me, know that He will never forget us.
I want to remind you about a few things, Community Group Leadership Training is happening this Friday from 6pm to 9pm and Saturday from 9am to 3pm. Even if you are just curious about Community Groups you should attend this training. RSVP to Ms Naomi HERE.
We also have an Amazon wish list for our high school students in case they need school supplies. We would love your help filling those needs for our students; the amazon list link can be found HERE.
And lastly, August is Volunteer Appreciation Month so I want to say thank you for serving this past year. We didn’t forget how awesome you are for volunteering and I just want to say thank you. Check out our Appreciation Theme “VIP” HERE.
When you are my age you start forgetting many things, that’s why it is important to set reminders about our spiritual lives and habits whether they are digital or just writing it down on a piece of paper that you can hang on your fridge door. Let’s never forget to pray for each other and to give your all to God.
With love,
Pastor David