Listen. Equip. Send.

I don’t think that I have ever been discipled.
I have done Bible studies.  I have done Sunday School.  I have had spiritual mentors.  I have memorized verses of the Bible.  I have gone to summer camp.  I have done service projects.  I have gone on a mission trip.  I graduated from a Bible college.  I went to seminary (one year counts).  I have a Master’s degree in Christian leadership, but I don’t think that I have ever been discipled.
How is that possible?
When Jesus discipled his followers he led them through a strategic time of growth and empowerment with the purpose of sending them out to do the same for others.  The things I did to grow closer to God were not strategic nor did they prepare to send me out.  It was just about me.
Let me be clear, these were all good things.  I did grow closer to the Lord.  I did end up in ministry.  However, the goal was always to add to my understanding not to multiply the kingdom.  I would guess that you have probably been involved in a lot of these good things too, but have you ever been discipled?
We have been LISTENing to the Holy Spirit for how we can be disciples who make disciples.  Starting April 8 we will begin to EQUIP you through a strategic discipleship process that will result in you being SENT out to actually make disciples.  I hope you will join the discipleship journey.

In Him,

Pastor Tim