We Are Together

Dear Church,

As a pastor I often feel like there really isn’t anyone else like me in the church. Not that I am closer to God necessarily but just because of the position I am in and what is expected of me because of that. I wonder sometimes if people really see me or do they see the person I am expected to be.

Maybe you feel like this too. Sure it might be different in some ways, but maybe you feel like there is no one like you in the church either. Maybe you think that no one can relate with you because of the position that you are in or the situations that you have come out of. Maybe you wonder if people really see you instead of the person you are expected to be.

We are not alone. God has established the church so that we could walk this journey with Jesus together. We get to help each other course-correct as we love each other, encourage each other, and build one another up. So many of you wrote in goals that you have to grow spiritually when you filled out the discipleship surveys on Sunday. Thank you for being brave enough to share that with me. Know that you are not striving for those goals alone. I am here with you. We are all in this together because that is who the church is.

In Him,
Pastor Tim

If you haven’t filled out a Discipleship Survey yet you can do that at www.hfcog.org or pick one up the next time you are at the building.