His Love Never Fails

Dear Church,
Tag was one of my favorite games as a little girl. I have this memory of my sisters and I playing tag in the rain but we didn’t care; we were having so much fun. As we were running around, the storm seemed to get stronger. It wasn’t just rain, but now we hear thunder and see the lightning in the sky. We couldn’t see the sun it was so dark. For a second I was getting kind of scared and wanted to go home; but when I realized now some friends came to play with us- oh I didn’t want to go home it was just getting good, so we just played. Are we walking in a storm right now? Or can we see the skies getting dark? How will we receive this rain? As a blessing or a curse? No matter how much pressure you are feeling, God is in control. He is the one who will calm the storm; just learn to be content and wait for Him. We need water to grow, so in this season we will grow stronger; we will see the blessing, just have faith. We will see mended hearts, we will see families building their homes on solid rock. God promised to be our rock, our strength, and our shelter. Have faith because His love for us never fails.