What an Amazing Picnic!

You did it. You were part of over 100 people that enjoyed a great picnic on Sunday. And because you turned out in such great numbers I fulfilled my promise to do cart wheels from one end of the building to the other. However, this day was about so much more than cartwheels. 
This day was about love expressed through service. I saw this in Israel, Mike and Sherry who worked so hard behind the scenes to get the food ready. I saw it in Daniel, David, Debra, Jesse, Gabe, Jeremiah, Alex and so many more as they helped to set up and clean up (in the rain). I also saw it in every person who took the time to prepare and purchase the wonderful food we enjoyed. 
This day was also about love expressed through fellowship and friendship. I saw it in conversations at each table. I saw it in laughter as I made a fool of myself. And I saw it as the church just enjoyed being together. I enjoyed it too and I can’t wait for our next time together. 
In HIm,
Pastor Tim