All The Way!

Sunday morning we talked about living a life that is submitted to Jesus all the way. The more we submit to Jesus the more we want to spend time in his word, in prayer and in everything that involves God. Trust me you want him to be in control over your life, can you imagine what it would be like if every time the storm comes you don’t have to worry because you know God is in control.
Going all the way could mean dropping something from your calendar or agenda for the day to create space for God. It could also mean taking our discipleship training course to make sure you are equipped to be a disciple who makes disciples. People nowadays need others to go all the way for them to make sure they get an opportunity to spend an eternity with Jesus.
People are in need of a savior and it is time for you and me to stand on Jesus who is the firm foundation, the rock on which we stand. I know going all the way is hard because we are already busy with work, school, cooking or cleaning but there is someone out there that needs you to show and model to them what it means to live a life committed with Jesus.
With love,
Pastor David