Commit to Equip

Our next step in the Vision to Multiply is Equip.  This is where we will learn how to be disciples who make disciples in three ways.

  1. Journal each day about what the Lord is telling you as you spend time in prayer and Bible study.
  2. Engage discipleship material each week and talk about it with others.
  3. Meet with a spiritual mentor to discuss how you can become a disciple who makes disciples.
I would like for everyone in the congregation to engage in these three things in whatever way you can but I am especially looking for a group of people who would say, “I Commit to Equip.”  This group will work closely with me this year from April thru October.  They will commit to journaling every day.  They will commit to discussing the discipleship material every Sunday evening from 6-7:30 p.m.  And they will commit to meeting with me once a month for these seven months.

Let me be clear, if you can’t commit to all of this right now, it’s okay.  It doesn’t mean you don’t love Jesus.  You won’t be shamed for your lack of commitment.  Assumptions won’t be made about your character.  And you will still be invited to join the next group(s) which will start early in 2019.  Everyone is still invited to journal as you are able.  Everyone is still invited to the discipleship class each Sunday evening.  And everyone is still invited to find a spiritual mentor… even if you aren’t working directly with me this time around.


If you do want to Commit to Equip simply reply to this email now.  How will you engage the Equip step of the Vision to Multiply?  What is the Holy Spirit telling you to do?  What questions do you have about Equip?  I want to hear them as well.  Together we will take back what Hell has stolen as we multiply the church for the glory of God.

In Him,

Pastor Tim