Are You Listening?

Dear Church,
Biggie is my two year old sweet and gentle dog. We have a close relationship; she depends on me. I try my best to take her to the park weekly. One thing I like to do is when the park is empty and we are alone I take her leash off so she can run. Once I take the leash off she takes off running then she will turn around and run back to me. She will do this over and over again; she doesn’t want to go to far from me because she might lose me. Today was different. I did as I always do when the park was empty I took her leash off. She started running. She turned around but didn’t run back. She smelled something on the ground and started to sniff and didn’t realize she was farther away than ever before. I started to yell “BIGGIE” but got no response. I’m walking towards her yelling “BIGGIE COME HERE GIRL” but still no response. She had her nose glued to the ground. Once I was about a foot away from her I said “Hi Girl” and she snapped out of it and came to me. She could finally hear my voice. As we have entered a new year, are we listening to God’s voice or are we glued to a bad smell that has enticed us? A bad relationship, a bad attitude, a bad smell is anything that separates us from God. Is that voice telling you to read His word more? What will increase our faith is that voice asking us to pray more, fast more and become more like Christ. Jesus fasted before starting His ministry and prayed to the Father all the time; they are one. Just like that we can be one with Him. We will be strong disciples making more disciples for the kingdom of God and not get enticed easily to pleasures . Hear the Voice of the Lord and run back. HIS love is calling out.