Dear Church,
I found this great article at exponential.org. As you read it think about how you can be a disciple that makes disciples.
Discipleship seems to be the hot topic and latest trend across the Christian landscape right now. This brings us much joy, but we believe that discipleship was never meant to be a temporary fad. We’re convinced that from the beginning it was God’s plan to heal and redeem the world through a revolution of disciple making. We also believe that Jesus and the apostles clearly state that discipleship is the core mission of the local church. We hear from a lot of people who are personally convinced that discipleship is very important, but they need help. They say things like, “I believe in discipleship, but I need someone to tell me or show me how to do it!” In discussions, public talks and church seminars, we find a common trend that disturbs us—the vast majority of Christians report that they have never been personally discipled by a more seasoned follower of Jesus. So they have a hard time knowing how to disciple others.
It makes sense: How can you equip others to trust and follow Jesus if you have never been equipped? So, if making disciples of Jesus is the greatest cause on earth (and Scripture tells us it is), how do we equip people to do it? Our prayer is that this recent fascination with discipleship turns into wholehearted devotion. We call it the discipleship lifestyle—which is being a disciple of Jesus and making disciples of Jesus.
In Him,
Pastor Tim