What Does it Mean to “Multiply”?

Dear Church,
A monk said to a mechanic, “I have isolated myself from all worldly influence so that I might grow closer to God.”  The mechanic said, “My coworkers are heathens and most of my customers are too, but Holy Spirit always gives me opportunities to help them grow closer to God.”
Two weeks ago I shared with the congregation after the annual business meeting about the vision that God has given me for Houston First Church of God.  I believe that God is calling us to multiply.  But what exactly does that mean?
Corporately it means that in the next five years or so the Holy Spirit is going to lead us to send people to start a new church, start a satellite campus from this campus, join with another congregation to start a new church, or start a new ministry to new people in a new way.  Then, personally it means that we will be disciples that make other disciples.  It means that we will help others grow closer to God.
There isn’t anything wrong with being a monk.  It is good to grow in your personal relationship with God.  However, Jesus didn’t command his disciples to grow closer to him.  He commanded them to GO, to make disciples, and to help them grow closer to him.  He is commanding us to be mechanics that seek the leading of Holy Spirit to influence the world with the kingdom of God.  We have been good monks.  Now let’s be good mechanics.
In Him,
Pastor Tim
P.S. Are you praying for Holy Spirit to teach you and reveal his work to you?  Are you praying that God would make you a disciple that makes other disciples?  And are you talking about what it means to be a disciple?  Are you talking about what Holy Spirit is showing you?  When you pray and process we all become more aware of the leading of Holy Spirit.