Can You Get There from Here?

This past weekend I was driving in from my house on Highway 6 toward the church building for Men’s Breakfast.  On my way I noticed a bunch of trucks on the other side of the road and the freeway was closed.  Then I saw the line of cars.  It almost went to the Beltway and this was at 7 a.m.  When Men’s Breakfast was over I found myself in an interesting situation.  I knew where I wanted to go, and I knew the way I normally went to get there, but I also knew that I had to find a better way.  So before I left I pulled up the map app on my phone and pulled up directions that got me home.

God has given us a vision to multiply our congregation and to become disciples who make disciples.  I believe this congregation has always wanted to make disciples—we have always known where we have wanted to go—and now we are realizing that we have to go another way to get there.  This is why I have asked you to pray and process.  As we all pray and talk about what multiplication will look like for us the Holy Spirit will speak and guide and be revealed to us.

However, before we can move toward this vision to multiply we have to know where we are starting.  This is why it is important to know your Discipleship Level.  The four levels are…

  • Connect: I have been invited and I might show up but I might not.
  • Commit: I want to be in worship each week because God is doing something in me.
  • Learn: Jesus is my Savior and I want to learn how to follow him as a disciple.
  • Influence: I want to help others learn to follow Jesus.
Before we can figure out how to get there we have to know where we are.  Where are you?  Is the Lord challenging you to move up a level?  Is he showing you that maybe you aren’t on the level you thought you were on?  When you fill out your YES card make sure to designate your Discipleship Level and together we will move toward the vision to multiply.
In Him,
Pastor Tim