Overcoming Strongholds

Before the hurricane hit, I felt led to begin an online training course with Set Apart Ministries. It has been a wonderful and sometimes painful look at my current spiritual state as the Holy Spirit led me through the discovery of a hidden stronghold in my life. Years ago I struggled with crippling anxiety, but had worked through it with the help of mentors at my church in Kingwood, and the work of the Holy Spirit in my life. As we often do, I assumed that meant I was done with my worry and anxiety for good.  August’s course (which I just finished yesterday) was on Fearless Living – How to develop a Biblical battle plan for fear and anxiety. It opened my eyes to all the ways I have allowed worry, fear, and anxiety to creep back in. God’s timing is so perfect. As I have made time for the weekly courses, each was the exact lesson right when I needed it. The four lessons that I have studied though are:

1) Embracing God’s Protection – The Power of Trusting in a Faithful Father

2) Becoming Fortified – Standing Strong Against the Enemy

3) Taking Every Thought Captive – Gaining Victory Over the ‘What Ifs’

4) Courageous Womanhood – Stepping into the Fearless Life You Are Called To.

Though it was August’s course, it has turned into a fall course for me. It has greatly encouraged and equipped me to battle worry and anxiety again. A song that has become a comfort and a reassurance during this season is Lauren Daigle’s ‘O Lord’. The chorus is below.

Oh, Lord Oh Lord I know You hear my cry; Your love is lifting me above all the lies.
No matter what I face, this I know in time: You’ll take all that is wrong and make it right
You’ll take all that is wrong and make it right.”

What a beautiful reminder that 1) He hears us each and every time we call out to Him. 2) His word is a sword of truth that can cut through the lies of the enemy, if we are willing to yield it. 3) God is doing a good work in each of us, and He will complete it in His timing. He is in control, no matter what our emotions, fears, or worries try to tell us; God’s Word speaks truth. If we will test what we feel by holding it to the promises of scripture, we will be able to see His truth and ignore the lies of the enemy. I challenge each of you to hold everything up to Scripture, with prayer, and leave your worry in the hands of a great, great Father.


Many Blessings,

Pastor Sarah