The students at Wednesday Night Kids Club and I had a great discussion this last week about the changes in our Kids Ministry, and my Sabbatical. There were MANY questions and it led to a great discussion. Maybe you have some of these same questions!
“Why aren’t we meeting on Wednesdays the rest of March?” We are looking for ways to make Wednesday Night Kids Club and Youth Group available to more families who cannot come the building Wednesday nights, so we will be meeting at different days and times to see what might work best for everyone to get to connect mid week and grow together!
“Will this (Wednesday schedule change) be forever?” No, we are just testing it out to see how it goes. In April Wednesday Night Kids Club will be back on campus each week at 7 pm as usual.
“Why won’t you be here in April?” I am going on the first part of my Sabbatical (the 2nd and 3rd parts will be in Aug and Oct). I will be traveling to Florida and South Carolina to some Family Discipleship conferences and learning more about how to support, equip, and empower Parents and Families! I will also visit family as I travel to and from these conferences. I will be gone from April 4-30. My first day back will be May 1st.
“Who will teach us while you are gone?” Mr Mike will be leading our Wednesday Night Kids Club and we are looking for helpers for him.  On Sundays, Mr Mike will be here to lead for Easter Sunday, and Ms Jacki will lead for the rest of April. We are still looking for 1st-3rd grade leads and assistants for April 9th and 23rd.
“Can we call you when you’re gone?” You can have you mom or dad send me an email and I will see it when I get back. It will be really fun to read and see what all you guys have been up to! You can also send me things in the mail, and I will see it once I am back in Texas!
“Why are we changing classrooms?” We are growing! We need to make some space so we have room to play games and enough seating for everyone, especially with our 2-5 year olds. It’s really exciting to meet new friends and have a new fun space to hang out in! Making the new classroom will mean that we can have more friends join us! And the 4th & 5th grade class will now meet upstairs in a room designed just for them! This will help with the 5th grade transition to youth group over the summer. 
Maybe you had some of these same questions, or maybe you have other questions! I would love to answer them. Please email me at and I will be happy to answer. 
I am excited! For both the movement of God in our Kids ministry, and for my Sabbatical. I would love your prayers that momentum would continue to build over April while I’m gone, and that all teaching positions be filled by the end of March before I leave. I would also appreciate your prayers for safe travels, for my health to remain steady during my trip, and that my time away would be fruitful as I learn more about Family Discipleship. At HFC we want to be disciples making disciples, and this includes not only our kiddos, but the family as a whole. I cannot wait to learn more about it and share it all with you once I return.
Many Blessings,
Pastor Sarah