What to do with October 31st

What do you do with a day that has such a mixed understanding of history?  The Christian church appears to have started it as a memorial day of sorts yet others say there was a polytheistic Celtic influence as well.  And how did it go from either of those possibilities to kids dressing up like superheroes going around asking for candy?  The even bigger question is, “What do we do now?”


  1. You could choose not to partake in any activities connected to Halloween because of spiritual conviction. I want to make clear that I fully support you in doing that.  However you feel the Lord is prompting you I want to encourage you to submit to that leading.
  2. You could come out for Trunk-or-Treat that we are hosting in the church parking lot on Wednesday, November 1st at 7:00 p.m. We will play large group games, worship together, present the gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone there, and give away some candy.  You can bring kids and grandkids, nieces and nephews to this Halloween-alternative that will be safe and fun for the entire family.  You can also decorate your trunk and help sugar up the kids before we send them home.
  3. You can Treat-the-Treaters. Many people open their homes to give candy to kids but we are encouraging you to make small gift bags for those handing out the candy.  On Sunday, October 29th we will have tracts, devotionals, and other small gifts as well as invite cards for the church.  You can put this together with a piece of candy and share the gospel with those in your community.  (If you give out candy you could put little gift bags together for parents too.)


Whatever you choose, let’s figure out how we can be light in the darkness.  We may do that in different ways but we can all still influence the world with the kingdom of God.  And when you do, please share your story with others including myself.  Let’s give God glory for the work of his Holy Spirit in and through our lives!


In Him,

Pastor Tim