Back to Church

Dear Church,
A family of nine; three generations; from 80 years old to eight months old, all under one roof. It wasn’t easy but it was doable. Money was tight but they found a way. 
Then Harvey hit. They have 2 feet of water in their home. Where will all nine people now live? What will happen to the house? Who will help? Where will they find the food that they need? How will their kids get what they need for school? When will the parents get back to work? How will  they make sense out of this chaos? 
Praise God that the church stepped in and helped bring order out of chaos.
Praise God that the church stepped in to help with their house and to reestablish normal.
But many questions still remain and we as the church still have a responsibility to help them answer those questions. We know the answer. His name is Jesus. 
This coming Sunday is back to church Sunday. And when you invite people back to church, you invite them into order out of chaos. Even if your friends and neighbors haven’t dealt with the devastation of Harvey they still need the answer. And His name is Jesus.  Who will you invite  this week? 
In Him,
Pastor Tim