Do You Need a Doctor Today?

As the days go by, we notice that it is getting hotter outside. I have two dogs who scratch a lot more in hot seasons. Recently, they ended up getting fleas–lots of them.  The medicine I would buy over the counter wasn’t enough.  I needed something stronger. So I took them to the vet to get stronger medicine and now the flea attack is over.

I started to think about how we could be under attack–young and old, it doesn’t matter.  We all have something going on. In Matthew 9:9-13 Jesus is being questioned because they see Him eating at a sinner’s home.  I love his response.  He said that healthy people don’t need a doctor but sick people do. A few weeks ago I had a conversation with a friend who was going through some dark times and as she talked this came out of her.  “I’m a disease, I make people sick and I think people know it and run.”  The words of Jesus came to mind. 

Being sick or having a disease is not just a fever, a cold, diabetes, heart disease, or cancer. The feeling of defeat is also a disease.  How many people walk around with this feeling that they may seem healthy but inside they are dying–searching for medicine and a doctor to give them the cure? Jesus is the only one who can truly cure.  So let’s not hold this message from the world.  We are the people God has chosen. God is that strong medicine we need.  The over the counter stuff is not working anymore.  Ask for help.  Lift your head up.  Look up to the sky and shout for help. He will not reject you; He won’t.  He is a faithful God.