Many Blessings

Wow! It seems like a very long time since the hurricane, but it has only been a few days. I am amazed at all the stories I am hearing of God’s goodness and mercy. Most of our congregation was saved from the flood water entering their homes, and the church building itself was not damaged.  I am both grateful and humbled at the place we find ourselves: able to help not only our church members affected, but their family and friends, and neighbors… The list could go on and on.

Those who have volunteered at the donation center and on work teams have amazed me. The way you all work together and give all
you have, then wake up and do it all again blesses me so much. I have heard no complaining, only reports that so much was accomplished and you are happy to keep serving! It is incredible! The way you love God is making a huge impact on our community and this city. They are seeing the Gospel in action!

You will all be happy to hear that Bane Elementary was spared as well. Every inch of the brand new building was not affected in any way. Dr. Marz, the principal, and many on her staff, have personally reached out to me to let me know they credit this miracle to the prayer we said in the library the day we helped them move in. Praise the Lord! It is so encouraging to hear the excitement in the voices of these teachers who have hope for their school to come to knowledge of Christ!

We have had so much support coming from all over the states! We have handmade blankets from both Dallas and Oklahoma City, pallets of food and supplies, a truck load of baby items from Louisiana! There are too many blessing to count! We have supplies on their way from Kentucky as you read this. Our Amazon Wishlist items are slowly trickling in as well. God has truly blessed us in many mighty ways. Please be praying for our staff, volunteer staff, and local and state leaders as we try to be great stewards of what God has abundantly blessed us with. 

There are many ways we still need help; if you’re interested please see the Facebook page for updated needs and projects. There you can find links to giving on our website, the sign up website for volunteers, and the Amazon Wishlist.


We believe in Jesus. We believe in you.

Pastor Sarah