Are You All The Way?

I was working out to an exercise video on YouTube this morning. This one had a running clock and showed you what percent of the workout was completed as you went. Let me just tell you, at 52% I was about completed. Going part of the way and doing the warm up was easy. Going half way made me sweat. But going all the way… now that is the goal.
This Sunday we are going to start a new sermon series on 1 John called, All the Way. We are going to discover how we can go all the way in our faith, in our obedience and in our love for God and others. We also going to celebrate the fact that Jesus went All the Way for us on the cross, and he is still going all the way for us today.
Let me give you a couple ideas for how you can go all the way with Jesus even before the sermon series starts…
1. Go All the Way by serving during We Serve month. There are several different opportunities already or maybe you have another idea for how you, your Community Group, or the whole church can serve this month.
2. Go All the Way in prayer. As we talked about during 10:25 on Sunday, revival in our community starts with the prayers of those already following Jesus. Resurrection Sunday is coming up on April 9th . Begin praying now by name for those who do not know Jesus. Pray now for opportunities to invite others to worship. Pray now for a mighty move of God’s Holy Spirit.
3. Go All the Way to Kenya. It is a big investment in time, money and energy but God is able to work through you to impact the lives of people on the other side of the world. If you are interested reach out to Pastor Tim or Douglas Wakhu as soon as possible. You can also go All the Way by giving financially so that someone else can go.
All the Way in Him,
Pastor Tim