Have You Misplaced Your Faith?

Dear Church,
Last Friday was the first time I had ever misplaced my wallet.  That had never happened to me before.  I’m usually very careful in putting it back in my purse. That afternoon I took my nieces out for lunch and some tapiocas after. Then I headed home to relax before going to church later on that night. I didn’t realize my wallet was missing until I was trying to put gas in my car, and how could I get gas with no money?
All I could think about was the credit cards I would have to cancel. I would have to go get a new driver’s license.  All these things I had to do because I was being careless. Glory to God though, someone found my wallet and placed it in the lost and found. 
As Christians, not just in our church, but world-wide, we start to misplace our faith instead of growing our faith.  We lose faith because of financial problems, problems at work, school, or maybe your family is falling apart. In Hebrews 11:6 it mentions that “without faith its impossible to please God”. How can we possibly please God if we start to doubt Him–doubt He could provide our every need? It’s by faith alone Abraham was counted righteous.  It wasn’t because he had money, human strength, or human wisdom. No, it’s because he believed in God his Creator. 
Believe in the promise written in the scriptures.  Don’t doubt God’s mighty power; the one who raised His Son from the grave.  It conquered death. We will go through trials, but when we put our faith in God we will learn to have a thankful heart even when it makes no sense. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. Amen.