What a Concept!

Susan Cudnik has blessed me with this phrase over the last few weeks in Financial Peace.  She says it often, and it has worked its way into my vocabulary. I find myself saying it in my head, not only when doing Financial Peace homework, but whenever I am studying anything lately.  This week during my time with the kiddos Wednesday night I found myself thinking, “What a concept!” when teaching them our weekly Bible Point: God will always love us. Our lesson went on to discuss Zacchaeus stealing and lying, and how even in the midst of his sin, Jesus loved him (Luke 19)! He wanted to spend time with him, to teach him, to change the relationships Zacchaeus had with others. Wow, what a concept! What if we each lived with that level of grace towards others? What if, when we saw someone saying/doing something that we felt was wrong, we loved them instead of judging them? What if we showed them that God will always love them no matter what? What a concept! In the heated political climate we find ourselves in post-election, what if we showed God’s love to those who disagree with us? What if, instead of arguing through social media, we showed God’s love to others? What if, through our actions and words, we showed the world how Christians deal with conflict, in love? What a concept! 

I would challenge each of you to examine your world through God’s eyes and show His never-ending love to those around you. Let’s be God’s love to a hurting world. 

Many Blessings,

Pastor Sarah