You Are Making a Difference

This Sunday guests will find a spot in the parking lot.  As they walk in the door at least two people will open the doors and greet them.  They will take their kids to class and meet two incredible teachers.  As they head into the sanctuary there will be a few people handing out bulletins and greeting them with a smile.  As the service begins they will hear singing from about five members of the praise team supported by about four audio, video and light technicians in the back.  The offering will be received by four ushers as the kids are dismissed to go to Power Church with two more teachers.

All this happens before the first word of the sermon.  I just want to thank you for serving the way you do for the kingdom of God.  You really are influencing those around you with the name of Jesus in the Spirit of God.  People generally come to a worship service because of a personal invitation but they usually stay because of you.

Throughout this month we are celebrating you and what God is doing through you.  You have already seen a couple of the appreciation videos that have been shown on Sunday mornings.  However, we are also planning a volunteer reception on Sunday, July 30th
right after service.  Then, the best part is that at that reception we are giving away a prize to one of our amazing volunteers.  This person will get to choose one of three weekend getaways to share with a spouse, family member or friend.
Thank you for serving the Lord the way you do, and remember to pray through the “Get in the Game” brochure you received this past Sunday.  In this next year, how will you influence the world with the kingdom of God?
In Him, 
Pastor Tim