Minor Word of God

This past Wednesday we had the opportunity to hear from Tim and Josie Vickey—Church of God missionaries to Malawi.  They told of how God has called them to the mission field and how he is speaking through them to people who are hungry for God’s word.
Have you ever heard God speak to you?  Do you think of it the same way that you think of God speaking to people like Tim and Josie Vickey?  Do you ever think that God’s message to them is somehow more powerful than his message to you?  Truth is, it’s not.
This month we are going to journey through several of the Minor Prophets.  However, they are anything but minor because every time the Lord speaks it is a major event.  Do not overlook the significance of a holy and divine God speaking to a fallen and broken people.  If God is speaking it is a life-changing kingdom opportunity for us to live in the major impact of Jesus Christ.  Do not dismiss the voice of the Holy Spirit in your life because God will use you to impact the world.


In Him,

Pastor Tim