Who Am I?

For many, contentment comes when we have an understanding of who we are and why we are here.  Have you ever thought about what makes you who you are?  Is it your job status, your marital status, your parental status, your income, your history, your knowledge, or some combination of all of these?  Even more important, who decides who you are?
You are not defined by what you do or how you compare to others.  You are not even defined by what you think of yourself.  You are who God says you are.  That is the job of the creator and that is why He sent Jesus to redeem you.
The culture around you will try to tell you who you are.  People will subtly try to convince you that you are your color, your nation of origin, your sexuality, your sin and countless other things.  However, those people didn’t create you.
Do not put your faith in what others say about you.  Put your faith in what God says about you.  Trust His word more than you trust your eyes and your ears.  Say what God says about you and then walk by faith in the one who defines you.

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In Him,
Pastor Tim