What a Month!

God has done some incredibly amazing things in January.  We started the year off with God speaking through Pastor Marcus on the first Sunday of the year.  God is also using Pastor Marcus and his leaders to make a tremendous influence in the lives of our teenage students.  They have learned, not just about faith but how to share their faith.
We kicked off the celebration of our Faith Promise Month by interviewing several missionaries and ministry leaders that are supported by our congregation.  We even got to hear the word of God proclaimed by Cliff and Dale Edwards.  We set a challenging goal of $30,000 for our Faith Promise commitments.  Thank you for exercising your faith and promising to give $30,957 toward the work of the kingdom here in Houston, in Texas, in the greater United States, and around the world.
Tim West came and led the Great Commission Conference in which over twenty five people were in attendance.  Participants learned so much great information about the importance of talking to others about Jesus.  They also gained confidence by actually practicing how to connect with those who aren’t already connected to the church.
Then, as if all of that wasn’t enough, just this past Sunday we celebrated the baptism of two of our teenagers-Kelsey Mantz and Katie McClain.  We praise God for the commitments they have made to God in worship.  What’s even better is that there are other people who have asked to be baptized too!
If you are one who has made a commitment to Jesus Christ, we want you to get baptized as well.  Talk to Pastor Tim about when we can celebrate what God is doing in your life.  The Holy Spirit is up to something around here.  Let’s all keep praying and allowing God to use us to influence the world with the kingdom of God.


In Him,
Pastor Tim