Just Another Conference

Next Saturday, June 3rd we are hosting a conference called, “Caring for the Aging.”  Can I tell you a secret?  It isn’t about what you think it’s about.  It’s really about getting people saved.
Make no mistake.  The conference is going to be a tremendous resource for those looking to learn more about how to care for older loved ones more effectively.  You will get a chance to share your story with others.  You will even learn and practice activities that will help in your daily life as a caregiver.  And while all these things are great, if this is all we do it will be a tremendous failure.
See, this conference isn’t just another conference.  It is about leading people to Jesus.  We are hosting this conference because there are pre-saved people all around us who are dealing with these issues.  They have similar questions that we have but they don’t have the hope we have.  We want to show people that God can meet them in the hardest times of their lives.  We want to show them that the promises of God will be our foundation of solid rock even in the storms.  We have good news and I want to share it with those who need it.
The entire conference has been planned, not just with the information in mind, but with the INVITATION in mind.  You can be part of making this conference a success.  You can invite your neighbors and coworkers.  You can connect with those who are not already connected with the church.  God can transform the difficulty of being a care-giver into the freedom that comes through a relationship with the greatest care-giver of all.
Use the insert from your bulletin as an invitation.  Like and share the event from the church Facebook page.  Knock on your neighbor’s door and let them know about it.  Mention it in your next staff meeting at work.  Let’s make the “Caring for the Aging” conference about caring for the lost.
In Him,
Pastor Tim