I Got That Feeling

Do you remember that feeling from Sunday?  When I had you change seats at the end of the service what did you first notice?  Were you comparing your new spot to your first spot?  Was it just weird being somewhere else?  Was your mind running trying to process everything that was new?  I hope so. 

When Jesus sent out his disciples they knew that feeling too.  They knew what it felt like to be in a strange place and yet still be in the presence of God.  They knew what it felt like to do the right things in different places.  They knew that feeling and in the midst of that feeling they shared the good news about Jesus.  Even with that feeling people were getting saved and the kingdom of God was growing. 

I do hope you remember that feeling because it is a good feeling.  It isn’t a feeling we should try to avoid.  Rather, it is a feeling we should try to replicate.  Hopefully we go places that make us feel that feeling regularly.  We should get to the point where that feeling reminds us that we are right where we need to be.  I want that feeling to drive us and motivate us and push us into the kingdom work that Jesus has sent his disciples to do.  Let’s embrace that feeling and see what Lord might do! 

In Him,
Pastor Tim