Love Deeply with Open Hands

This past weekend Naomi and I led a Community Group Leader Training with about 25 people. It was a great time to learn from each other and share our lives with each other. It was actually a great example of the Gospel Paradox I’ve been preaching about. 
On one hand, we were able to be transparent and vulnerable with each other. We formed tighter relationships than we had before and we want to spend more time together. 
At the same time we also recognize that we have to hold those relationships in open hands before the Lord. After all, the goal of all our groups is to multiply—to send. 
Build relationship, love deeply, equip for disciple making, send out with open hands, start over. In some ways it doesn’t make sense but this is exactly the example Jesus gave us. As Ruben reminded me after service, when our hands are open before the Lord they will never be empty. 
In Him,
Pastor Tim