Revival is Happening . . .

Many have heard about what God is doing on the campus of Asbury University through a spontaneous move of the Spirit on the student body there. Even this past Wednesday in The Gathering at 7:00 pm we discussed the conditions that bring about a renewing of this kind. And while we all wonder, “What would that look like here?” I just want you to know… it already is.
Just this past week I spoke with someone else who is surrendering her life to Christ. Then, over lunch I heard the story of a Community Group guest that gave his life to Jesus during the opening question of the study. Two weeks ago I had the privilege to lead someone to Christ in my office. And let’s not overlook the baptisms of Joshua, Coco and Gage a few weeks ago.
And that’s not all! After Coco was baptized a few Sundays ago she and her now-husband Jerrell reached out to me saying that they wanted to follow Jesus the right way. So we married them in the lobby of the building just this past weekend.
There is also a small group of young adults that are sensing a move of God so they have developed a time of Bible study together—not as a church program but just so they and other young people can grow closer to the Lord.
God is doing great things in the life of His church! And all of this is the perfect environment to begin discipling each one who is now following Jesus. Now we can model what it looks like to be changed by Jesus and on mission with Jesus. We can display what it looks like to produce fruit in keeping with salvation (Matthew 3:8). Let’s all work together to turn the spiritual renewal into long term Christian maturity that multiples as we become disciple that make disciples.
In Him,
Pastor Tim