God is Good!

I just have to share how awesome God has been in my life. I am excited to announce that my wife Brianne and I are expecting baby number two in August! Now you may have noticed that I said baby number two. As many of you know, in October of 2016, we lost our first child. It was the hardest thing that I’ve been through in my short life. Even though it was hard, we never felt alone; God was still providing. But we do recognize that we have another child. God willing, one day we will get to meet our first born and worship our God together for eternity. Until that time, we get to enjoy this child we’re expecting! God has truly blessed us in these past few months. He’s never left our side, even in the hard times. And this is just my God showing off how good He really is. We thank everyone for keeping us in your prayers, and we can’t wait to share this little one with all of you!
God is so Good!