Remember to Remember

Wednesday after the Leadership Development Learn Group (which was awesome and you should check it out on the church Facebook page if you missed it) I went to get my kids from Bible Kids Club (which was also awesome by the way).  Pastor Sarah had different colored stones on the rug and the children were using them to build monuments—places to remember what God has done.  Then before they left Pastor Sarah gave each of them a stone to take home so that they might remember to remember what God had done.

A couple weeks ago in our “Numbers Isn’t Boring” sermon series we talked about tassels.  While they might sound boring we came to discover how exciting they really are because they too were items of remembrance of God’s deliverance from Egypt.  I challenged you to find some way to remember what God has done in your life too.  You didn’t forget, did you?

So are you remembering to remember?  What has God done in your life that you will need to remember when life gets hard?  What do you have to look at or wear that will remind you when it is hard to remember?  If we don’t plan to remember now we will struggle to remember then.  Don’t let your future struggles win.  Remember to remember now.