Pick Me!

I remember when I was younger in school and the teacher would ask a question that I knew the answer to my hand would go up so fast!  It was almost uncontrollable – my one arm would go up and the other arm would help as if to stretch it higher than the rest of the kids in the class. Then my hand would start waiving and my fingers moving and sometimes my body would shift and lean forward or I’d start to fall out of my seat…. Thinking back, I’m almost embarrassed as to how that looked. However, the excitement that I had when I knew the answer and wanted to be picked to speak was uncontainable. 

In all seriousness, I (yes, we) have the answer to any and all questions today.  Jesus is the answer!  Do we have that uncontrollable burning desire to make sure that we are heard?

As we are preparing for Easter Sunday, and celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Savior – let’s all have that same childlike uncontrollable excitement to tell others about the one who is the answer to all things, Jesus!  Have a spirit of invitation and invite others to join us for worship. He is our hope. He is Love that Never Fails!

Your sister in Christ!