5 Door Challenge

Have you accepted the 5-Door Challenge?  Over the last couple weeks I have asked you to invite your 5 closest neighbors to come and celebrate with us this Christmas season.  This could be something that would not just make an impact in the church but also make an amazing impact in those you invite.

I get it though.  Sometimes it is hard to invite people.  It seems like almost everyone is either already with a church or not interested in going.  But what if there was someone.  What if there was someone who has begun to wonder about the things of God?  What if there is someone who is coming to realize that Christmas has to be about more than just presents?  What if that person were your neighbor?

God can use you to change a life.  God can use you to water a seed that someone else has planted so that God can bring the growth.  God can use your voice to sound like his voice of hope, truth, and love.  God can use you.  Will you let him?

Start with the 5 doors closest to you.  Pray before you go and pray when you get back.  Take some invite cards with you.  Don’t worry about the results.  Just be faithful to him like he has been faithful to you.  If you don’t invite your neighbors to celebrate Christmas, who will?

I believe in Jesus and I believe in you,

Pastor Tim