If you hear someone yelling, “Retreat!” what picture comes to your mind?  Do you see one army defeating another army?  Which side would you want to be associated with?

Over this past month we have talked about the fight of spiritual warfare in our lives, and this coming weekend many men from the church will retreat to Buda, TX with other men from across the state.  However, this is not a time of defeat.

Retreat is a time to regroup, reevaluate, and re strategize how to continue in the fight.  These men are gathering together, not because they are defeated but because they want to win.  We all need to find times to retreat–times to get around other godly people and get more connected with God.  We don’t retreat just to sleep but to refocus ourselves on a plan for success.
I want you to fight well against the enemy who is trying to destroy your life.  Maybe what you’re doing now isn’t proving to be effective for victory.  Maybe you need to retreat in order to refocus yourself on God’s plan for your success.  Victory is possible.  Let’s win the fight together.

In Him,
Pastor Tim